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At Grade Builder, we understand that results are built on intensive coaching and individual attention. That’s why we make it our personal passion to nurture individuals with tremendous energy, motivation and drive. With the help of our academically talented tutors, our tuition programmes are carefully designed to meet your specific needs and expectations. We invite you to meet and collaborate with us in enhancing your grades and provide us with the opportunity to bring you to greater heights.

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  • Phoebe


    “Grade Builder offers specific topics for the different subjects during holidays, which allows students to catch up on their weaker subjects. My economics tutor always encourages us to come up with our own views and solutions to share with the class and this has certainly enhanced learning as it is more interactive and engaging.”

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  • Samuel

    ACJC / JC2

    “The teachers here are very good and I managed to learn a lot about the different strategies to tackle different mathematics questions. I have definitely benefitted greatly from attending Ms Ng’s class.”

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  • Tan Shiau


    “The tutors here are very dedicated and knows what they are doing and teaching. I am glad that I have joined Grade Builder as I have certainly benefitted greatly in terms of my ability to write and comprehend. The learning materials provided are very well-prepared and relevant and lessons are well taught.”

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  • Gillian


    “The tutor is very nice and helpful. He tries his best to explain concepts and difficult questions to us through different methods and he never fails to make the lesson interesting. Thank you Grade Builder for everything.”

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  • Lee Ming Yun


    “The tutors are very caring and devoted in their teaching and ensured that any doubts we have about the topic or any other minor questions are all clarified. They are also very knowledgeable and know a lot about the subject. Furthermore, they will monitor the students’ progress and ensure that everyone is participative in class. There are also a variety of programmes during the holidays so that students can catch up on their weaker areas.”

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